Dear lipidomics enthusiast,

Welcome again to the International Lipidomics Society (ILS). As a society we are obliged to conduct our annual meeting with our members to discuss the status of the society and present our aims and future plans. This meeting will be held on the 18th of June at 2 pm (European standard time). We choose a Virtual format (link below) to get as many people attending as possible.

 The agenda of the meeting:

  1. Welcome – overview 
  2. Financial statements and approval of annual report
  3. Financial estimation for 2020
    1. estimated income and expenditure
    2. apply for funding – e.g. FIRI 2021
  4. Election of the new vice-president for education
    1. board will identify candidate and present her/him to the members prior to the meeting
  5. Gender balance
    1. female candidate(s) will be proposed for the next election
    2. encourage more women to join
    3. present the gender balance on website
  6. Scientific strategy for 2020 
    1. Scientific strategy for 2020 
    2. IG activities – quarterly updates on website 
    3. increase number of members – young, gender, international, cross boarder disciplines, corporate
    4. COST LipidNET flagship  
  7. Role of industrial advisory board
    1. specific partnership (e.g. reference material)
    2. role as IG Steering committee members
  8. Steering committees of IGs
    1. selection process
    2. balancing
  9. Other matters

We are looking forward to meeting you all! Please send your comments or additions to the agenda prior to the meeting latest 12th of June.

With best regards,

Dr. Kim Ekroos the president and the board

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