The International Lipidomics Society (ILS) is a scientific non-profit organization representing and promoting lipidomics through worldwide cooperation and collaborations by fostering the development of new technologies, techniques, resources, skills and training.

  • The point of contact for lipidomics research, development and commercialization activities worldwide
  • Foster global collaboration and transparent communication in lipidomics projects by gathering leading international laboratories from a wide range of disciplines
  • Organize annual international meetings, workshops and training courses
  • Foster the translation of lipidomics data to biological meaning in all aspects of research to human health
  • Support large-scale inter-lab lipidomics projects
  • Foster and coordinate communication among funding agencies and industry partners with the lipidomics community and coordinate the
  • Activities of groups and organizations interested in ILS’s scientific initiatives and Interest Groups

Current board members

  • Robert Ahrends,  Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Vienna, Währingerstr. 38, A-1090 Wien, Austria
  • Kim Ekroos, Lipidomics Consulting Ltd., Esbo, Finland
  • Xianlin Han, Department of Medicine, Division of Diabetes
    Department of Biochemistry and Structural Biology
    University of Texas Health San Antonio, USA
  • Michal Holčapek, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic
  • Harald Köfeler, Core Facility for Mass Spectrometry and Lipidomics, Medical University of Graz, Austria
  • Gerhard Liebisch, Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, University of Regensburg, Germany
  • Markus Wenk, Singapore Lipidomics Incubator (SLING), Department of Biochemistry, YLL School of Medicine, National University of Singapore