Lipid Ontology (until mid 2022)

Activities of this interest group have been suspended after mid 2022. Please check with the steering committee members if you want to contribute to renewed activities.

The International Lipidomics Society aims to consolidate scientific activities to establish controlled vocabulary and ontology that is sufficient for describing chemical space of lipidomes and its integration into established gene ontology terms.

We will serve the research community by constantly improving the terminology for lipid ontology in the public data repositories. Basic conceptual work is required to enhance the terms for functional association of lipidome data. Doing so, we will become active in reviewing CV and ontology for lipid species in lipidome data repositories. This includes terminology for describing lipid metabolic networks, lipid signaling in context of organismal, cellular and subcellular heterogeneity. We plan to become active contributor for the GO Consortium and will contribute to improve the interoperability of lipidome databases to foster system biology approaches in lipid research.

Steering committee:
Harald Köfeler, Austria

Valerie O’Donnell, UK

Dominik Schwudke, Germany

Alan Bridge, Switzerland

Martijn Molenaar, The Netherlands

Roadmap of the Interest Group Lipid Ontology from 2020 - 2022