Lipid Function

Under development

The aim of this interest group is to define
the function(s) of individual lipid species. Lipid species act as single
molecules and as a collective to structurally and chemically regulate cell
membrane dynamics, store energy and/or serve as precursors of bioactive
metabolites. The structural differences among individual lipid species is
enormous, differing in such as the number, position and geometry of double
bonds in acyl chains. Know-how on how this determines the biological function,
acting as a single molecule or in synergy with other lipid structures, is still

Cross-talking and cooperating with other disciplines is necessary to accelerate the lipid functional biology. The focus of this IG is to establish an active discussion between lipidomics, lipid cell biology, microscopy, membrane biophysics, molecular dynamics simulations, structural biology among others, to collectively outline the future roadmap for describing the lipid function.

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