Pre-analytics includes sample collection, handling, and all other work steps carried out up to the actual measurement. We will serve the research community by constantly improving guidelines for standard operating procedures and conducting basic conceptual work on how to collect and treat samples best for subsequent lipidomics experiments.

The main fields of our efforts are:

  • Preparation of the patient/animal/cell culture (e.g., fasting state, medication, food, supplements, media), documentation of the status of the origin from whom/which the primary samples are taken, if necessary, special time specification and conditions for the collection and handling
  • Obtaining and labeling the sample material
  • Transport and storage conditions of the examination or sample material
  • Assessment of the examination and/or sample material by quality biomarkers
  • Sample preparation for lipidomics analysis

Steering committee:
Rainer Lehmann, Germany 

Gerhard Liebisch, Germany

Robert Ahrends, Austria

Jeffrey McDonald, US

Kim Ekroos, Finland

Cristina Coman, Austria

Roadmap of the Interest Group Preanalytics for 2022 - 2024