Lipidomics Standards Initiative (LSI)

LSI aims to create guidelines for the major lipidomic workflows in a community-wide effort.

The guidelines/standards include the various
analytical steps in a lipidomics workflow, guiding how to (i) collect and store
samples, (ii) extract lipids, (iii) execute the MS analysis, (iv) perform data
processing, including lipid identification, deconvolution, annotation,
quantification, and evaluation of quality control, and (v) how to report the
data. The guidelines also cover the validation of analytical methods and the
use of quality controls.

Standards are essential for a successful progress of lipidomics because they provide a common language for researchers within lipdomics and the interface to interlink to other disciplines. Therefore LSI closely interacts with the other interest groups within the International Lipidomics Society. Moreover, LSI established collaborations with LIPID MAPS ( and is in exchange with other standardization initiatives such as proteomics (PSI) and metabolomics (MSI) standards initiatives.

Steering committee:

Kim Ekroos  

Gerhard Liebisch 

Michal Holčapek

Harald Köfeler

Justine Bertrand-Michel, France

Christer Ejsing, Denmark

Jeffrey McDonald, USA

Maria Fedorova, Germany

Roadmap of the Interest Group Lipidomics Standards Initiative for 2020 - 2022