Over the last few months, the ILS has watched events throughout the world unfold with immense sadness, recognizing that great lengths are still needed for all individuals to be treated with respect and equality. The ILS therefore joins other scientific organizations in condemning acts of violence and encouraging all to work together for a better future. The ILS also actively supports diversity, inclusiveness, and respect for all individuals.

We also realize the importance to support the young generation of scientists in lipidomics, therefore we are trying to do improvements in these areas, and we are actively searching for two new board members:

1) a Vice President for Early Career Representation and

2) a Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion.

To attain the best candidates, we ask all ILS members to email nominations for each position to contact@lipidomicssociety.org before 15th of October, 2020 (extended to 15th of November) and include the nominee’s CV and a brief statement of their plans for the position. The board will preselect the best three nominations for each position before the respective candidates will be presented to the society for a final vote by all members at the Fall Meeting. Please note that candidates must be members of the society before the vote.

We feel these new board positions will bring the insight needed to make the ILS the inclusive and diverse society that will help guide the lipidomics community brightly into the future.