ELM 2020 Bioinformatics for Lipidomics Symposium

The ILS Applied Bioinformatics Interest Group invites you to join the Bioinformatics for Lipidomics Symposium on October 2nd, 2020, as part of this year’s joint virtual European Lipidomics Meeting and Lipidomics Forum. Due to this year’s challenges concerning Covid-19, we have invited many different researchers from the Lipidomics and Small Molecules Bioinformatics fields to present […]

IG Clinical Lipidomics Regular Meeting

The Clinical Lipidomics Interest Group wants to invite you to its next regular meeting on August 4th, 2020 from 13:00 – 14:00 CET. We want to give you the possibility to join us in our interest group, to exchange and contribute ideas and to review the currently planned work schedule. For non-ILS-member either register here […]

LSI Online Discussion Series on Guideline Development

The LSI starts a series of online discussion meetings to promote guideline development: Preanalytics and Lipid Extraction, 15th of July 16:00 CET – Download meeting record Direct Infusion MS, 22nd of July 16:00 CET – Download meeting record Separation MS, 27th of July 16:00 CET – Download meeting record Lipid Species Quantification, 5th of August […]

ILS Annual Meeting, June 18th 2020 – Slides and Minutes

The first annual ILS Society meeting took place last week via Zoom. In total, 56 out of 83 members participated, 7 current board members and 49 other members. The financial statement and report were approved by the attendees and the board and persons accountable were discharged from liability. Erin Baker was introduced as candidate for […]

ILS Annual Meeting, June 18th 2020

Dear lipidomics enthusiast, Welcome again to the International Lipidomics Society (ILS). As a society we are obliged to conduct our annual meeting with our members to discuss the status of the society and present our aims and future plans. This meeting will be held on the 18th of June at 2 pm (European standard time). We […]

Open Scientific Discussion – Lipid Biomarkers: Challenges and Opportunities

The AAPS Biomarkers and Precision Medicine (BPM) Community will host an Open Scientific Discussion (OSD) as a follow up to the webinar entitled “Biomarker Driven Lipidomics in Pharma R&D” held on May 21, 2020. Participants can benefit from this discussion without having attended the webinar. Please join us to discuss: Lipid Biomarkers: Challenges and Opportunities […]

Ceramide ring trial reference protocols available

The protocols for the Ceramide ring trial organized and conducted by the Interest Group Reference Materials and Biological Reference Ranges are now available for download: https://lipidomicssociety.org/interest_groups/reference-materials-and-biological-reference-ranges/ If you have further questions, please contact the coordination team or the interest groups leads.

The LSI just published following paper in Nature Metabolism

Lipidomics needs more standardization Modern mass spectrometric technologies provide quantitative readouts for a wide variety of lipid specimens. However, many studies do not report absolute lipid concentrations and differ vastly in methodologies, workflows and data presentation. Therefore, we encourage researchers to engage with the Lipidomics Standards Initiative to develop common standards for minimum acceptable data […]

Foundation of the international Lipidomics Society (iLS)

Foundation of the International Lipidomics Society (ILS): Dear Lipidomics Forum attendee, it is with great pleasure that we announce to host the foundation of the International Lipidomics Society (ILS) during our conference. The main aim of the society is to bring together the worldwide lipid community, and represent and promote lipidomics through worldwide cooperation and […]